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We are a full service moving company in CT offering a breath of fresh air to the moving industry. Never losing attention to the details has helped us to build a reputation of integrity, competence and strength based on solid business practices. When you are in need of movers, look to us to provide you with a pleasant relocation.

Moving Labor Estimate Guide

Home Size/SqFt Load Only Unload Only Load AND Unload
Studio Apartment
(400-600 SqFt)
2 Movers / 2 Hours 2 Movers / 2 Hours 2 Movers / 3-4 Hours
1-2 Bedroom Apartment
(700-1200 SqFt)
2 Movers / 3 Hours 2 Movers / 2 Hours 2 Movers / 4-5 Hours
2-3 Bedroom Home
(1100-1600 SqFt)
3 Movers / 3-4 Hours 3 Movers / 2-3 Hours 3 Movers / 5-7 Hours
3-4 Bedroom Home
(1500-2200 SqFt)
3 Movers / 4-5 Hours 3 Movers / 3-4 Hours 3 Movers / 7-9 Hours
4+ Bedroom Home
(2000-3000 SqFt)
4 Movers / 4-6 Hours 4 Movers / 3-4 Hours 4 Movers / 7-10 Hours
(3000+ SqFt)
4-6 Movers / 5-8 Hours 4-6 Movers / 4-6 Hours 5-6 Movers / 8-10+ Hours

Estimating time: Your move could take more or less time than our Labor Guide estimates depending on how much stuff you actually need moved. In order to make your move go as quickly and easily as possible, make sure your belongings are packed & ready to go on moving day. Each flight of stairs could add 30-60 min onto your moving time, so plan accordingly.

Unused Time: It’s hard work setting up a schedule, and we will try to set aside enough time to finish your job which means turning down other jobs, which is why we do not offer refunds for unused time. We also call you prior to your move date to discuss the details and we can then determine if the hours should be adjusted.

Overages: Because of potential schedule conflicts, we cannot guarantee availability past the time you pre-booked. We may have multiple customers on your scheduled day and we don’t want to be late to the next appointment. We leave some room for flexibility and are generally available for at least one additional hour and sometimes we can stay until the work is done (within their normal business hours). If you think you may need extra time, make sure to contact us by phone or email prior to your move date. You’ll be able to add any extra time onto your credit card at the end of your job.

Drive time: Drive time to and from the job location is included in the final price, so you don’t need to take this into consideration when deciding how many hours of help you need. However, if you’re booking a single crew to load and unload on the same day, they stay on the clock during the drive between the two locations.

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